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Cars Jun 7, 2020

Mr. Crooms was a good salesman. Pretty laid back but helpful through the buying process. Only glitch was that we went all the way to Baltimore to buy a blue Nissan Sentra SV and then were told it was sold the day before, so we had to settle for a pearl white which wasn’t our first choice. May have been a bait and switch, but can’t confirm. Anyhow, all went pretty well!

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Cars Apr 24, 2019

Great Dealership and I would recommend to customers

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Cars Apr 20, 2018

The entire buying process took about three hours and 15 minutes from the moment I entered the dealership for the first time to driving home with a new car for my daughters. Jeannie and Dominic worked closely and frankly with me to talk through my interests and needs between the trade in, desired monthly payment range, and valuation for both vehicles. Negotiations were handled quickly and reasonably after we exchanged full information. Ray in Finance got me a full percent lower from my credit union even after the initial offer and acceptance was reached. That was real money! The whole team (...

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